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Connect The limited liability company operates in the chemical industry in the production of polypropylene tape. The main product of the company is polypropylene packing tape. The production of the tape has been taking place since 1986 – it was the first plant producing the tape in Poland.


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Connect systematically invests in the modernization of machines using the latest technologies. The plant produces twenty-eight types of tapes and nine types of reels.

The company also produces a number of accessories for packing using a strapping tape: protective corner – on the one hand, protects the packed product against damage by the tape, on the other, protects the tape against being cut by sharp edges of the packed product (brick, paving stones), polypropylene clasps – the easiest way to connect polypropylene tapes, metal clasps – for durable joining of the tape with manual ties.

The secondary activity of the company is trade in industrial packing materials and packing equipment. In order to provide comprehensive customer service, the company provides a wide range of machines and materials for industrial packaging. The company is prepared to provide warranty and post-warranty service of the packaging machines sold.

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